What we do

Data Infrastructure

Creating pipelines and API connection works that deals interconnection of systems and ETL/ ELT

Data Engineering

Data warehouse and management work pertaining Cloud products as well as dbms works

Advanced Analytics

Advanced analytics catered using current market BI tools that are scalable and easy to use

Data Science, AI/ ML

Build machine learning/ AI, statistical based models for prediction, automations and optimisation


Acting as consultants to already existing teams of organisations to unblock blockers and brainstorming ideas

HR Screening

Looking to expand your team but unsure if you are hiring the crème de la crème, the rockstars, the go getters?

Hear what others have to say about us.

Our clients love the work we do at Polar Packet, we go over and beyond for our clients to make sure that the infrastructure built are scalable and easy to use. Being tool agnostic, we find best solutions for our clients to ensure that the needs of the company doesnt just end when a project is shipped. We also partner up with our clients to provide long term resource outsourcing solutions.

We have collective experiences running the largest pipelines for organisations across Asia

The team at Polar Packet comes from a wide variety of background and market segments, ranging from travel, airline industries, oil and gas, banking, digital services, finance industries, healthcare and more. Building big data capabilities from work and projects covering data engineering, analytics and data science and have scaled infrastructure advanced analytics and AI/ ML for our clients.

Why Polar Packet

Having run full stack data teams in a few of the largest digital/ tech companies and startups in Asia, we came to realise one crucial fact of companies coming into the 20th century. Small start ups do not have the capital to hire tech and data teams to grow revenue, large corporations do not know how to scale and apply data governance to current practices, that is where we come in. Polar Packet is run by a few data professionals working in multiple prominent industries in tech that runs the biggest pipelines for organisations in Asia. We help the underdogs run tech/ data capabilities in Data Engineering, Analytics and Data Sciences that builds Machine Learning capabilities for research, automation and optimisation. Our work does not just end there, we also do consulting, and screening for HR on staff joining data stacks.

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